Buffalo Lodge Native American Ministries.

Buffalo Lodge Sacred Circle                                                        
Will be held June13, 2014, 6:30pm  at Beach Park NWC  24th & Oak St.  Everyone is welcome. Special Circle  Singing and Dancing with "Native Thunder Drummers & Singers" and prayers to be poured out upon all. Special time for healing along with the opportunity to have your spirit renewed. Regalia is welcomed to be worn, Hand drums, Rattles, Come and be with your cousins and remember who you are. For more information visit our facebook page (link below.)   Storyteller, Kevin Henson (Cherokee). Bring a snack and enjoy it with us. Also on www.buffalolodge.org

Jun  13rd    6:30pm       Buffalo Lodge Sacred Circle NWC 24th and Oak St Beach Park

       16th        2pm       Unbroken Circle Gathering Long Beach CA   for info.
                                             Call 661-319-2616
                                  Chumash Sacred Circle, Santa Ynez CA
Jul   11th    6:30pm       Buffalo Lodge Sacred Circle 1307 Columbus St 93305 info 661-319-2616

      20th        2pm       Unbroken Circle Gathering Long Beach CA   for info.
                                             Call 661-319-2616

                     Sweat Lodge Info Call 661-747-7678

Buffalo Lodge Sacred Circle on facebook

Buffalo Lodge  Sacred Circle at 1307 Columbus Street, Bakersfield, CA

Cherokee Picnic State representatives present to meet with Principle Chief Chad “Corntassel” Smith
 Photo 2011

We Believe
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin, Gods sacrifice for our debts, alive from the dead on the third day and stands at the right side of the Father making intercession for all men.

We Envision
Reaching NDN Country with restoration, healing, and hope through the power of Jesus Christ, while rebuilding people and dreams through personal involvement and partnerships.

We Value
Our relationship with God and with men, as our Creator has intended. According to His words, we desire to go and share these values with all men, but especially those in Indian Country. 

The Vision

Native American Ministries honor God as the Creator of all men. He is not the God of “a” people, He is the God of “all” people. We express this honor by demonstrations of thanksgiving to His Son, Storyteller. He has revealed His ways and made plain the path on which we are to walk daily. He has become our guide, as He alone is the gatekeeper of His Fathers lands.

Creator has revealed His love for His people and made this earth Mother to us all. He alone has possession of the earth and He has made us from its substance. He has nurtured us as if we were His own children. He has committed into our hands the keeping of His possessions. We respect all that we have been given and we give honor to the Father of all peoples. We give Him our gratitude for the bountiful manner by which He provides for all our needs. He alone is worthy.

We have a desire to share this Good News with our families and friends, bringing stories of the Creator and His Son, sharing the medicine He has given to heal a mans heart and fill that man with new dreams and hope. The medicine, which He has given to us from ancient times, sustained us with health. Today the Creator makes a man whole; body, soul and spirit. It is by His example that we are able to give to others and reveal the caring Father of all men. We share this Good News in ways that our people understand.

The stories of our ancients spoke of the days in which we now live. They told of a people who would come to Turtle Island (America & Canada) and explained that our land would be no more. Because of this word from holy men, some have prepared themselves for this hour.

Today we have a way to connect the ancient storytellers words with the “Storytellers” words so that we can build a bridge of understanding. We are removing the myth of who we are. We are His people, NDN people, and we worship and learn of Him each day as we pass through His possession. He has made our lives to fit His timetable and our days, His calendar. He has opened a door to understanding. He has made this the hour of opportunity, a time to reveal the foundations of His stories by removing the fears and the mistrust that have become a hallmark of our people. We desire to build bridges over ignorance and mistrust while establishing lasting relationships that are filled with hope and love. Freedom has come to the Creators family and today we can all sit at His council and share in the hearing of His truths.

Our worship has returned, as it does when peoples hearts are full, free, and grateful. The rocks no longer sing our songs. Our songs are once again in our mouths, our hearts, and the instruments in our hands. The worship of song, flute, rattles, clapper-sticks and drums has intensified as our hearts continue to grow in thankfulness for what the Creator is doing for all men but especially for a people who had lost their hope, even their dignity.

We are being restored as we bring songs from the ancients as well as the songs from today and blend them in harmony through the participation of the people using traditional and non-traditional instruments of music. The Creator has opened a way of understanding and a freedom to worship in our traditional ways. He has removed the veil from our people so that today we can be NDNs and followers of Christ Jesus.

Participating with:

First Nations Foursquare Sacred Circle

Buffalo Lodge Sacred Circle  &  Native Thunder Drummers & Singers

Chumash Sacred Circle Santa Ynez CA

First Nations Fouirsquare Church, Sante Fe Springs

Rain Shadow Native American Ministries

Urban Native Ministries

Southern California Native Youth Ministries

Unbroken Circle

Cherokee Nation / Cherokee Community of Central California

For more information: Call 661 873-8853 or email:rwf@restorationwordfellowship.com