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 Looking for a Church Home? Stop in and sit in the presence of The Lord our God and feel your soul come to rest. Looking for something more than church; come and worship with us as the Father is pouring out His kindness and breath upon a body of people who are hungry for His glory, Come and be part of a lively body.

                                             This Weeks of April 2, 2017 Activities & Events

Today: 10am    “I Have The Authority to Say No” w/ Pastor Charles
                             Communion Sunday
              6pm    “I have the power to Say Yes” w/ Pastor Charles

Mon:     8am    LWH Bible Study 7224 Niles St w/ Pastor Charles, all are welcome

Tue:     7pm    Intercessory Prayer, Building This Body For Touching The Wounded “
                         Pastor Charles Cervical Operation Today

Wed:    7pm    Bible Study w/ Psalmist Ramona Avitia

Thu:                  Day of Prayer & Fasting Catch the Pastors Vision of
                        “Winning this neighborhood with the Love of God”
Fri:                   Pray for our Neighborhood, Christ is coming Back

                          EASTER IS COMING…!!!   ARE YOU READY?

                                           “Follow Me and I will Make you….”

                                                    “No Goals No Victories”

                                “For Lack of Knowledge My People are Destroyed”

                                                      Upcoming Events

Apr:    2nd    10am Pastor Charles Back…
           12th    7pm Bible Study w/ Psalmist Ramona Avitia
           14th    11:30am-12:30 pm Good Friday Service, Prayer and Communion
           15th    9am “Body Builders Men’s Breakfast, Pastor John  404 Bernard St. Word                                   of Life Worship Center
           27th    7pm Victorious Vessels Women’s Network  Event Here @ RWF
           28th    7pm SMN Event  Vanguard Christain Church 1701 Niles St.

                       Support this Ministry by Inviting Others to participate
May:  TBA     Strong Men’s Network Event in Ridgecrest CA “Men Only”

                                 Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

                            Gearing up for the Harvest Begins in Your Heart

                            Become The Influence That God Created You To Become

We are building the kingdom of heaven one life at a time

Are you willing to commit to the work of the Father daily

We invite you to come and experience the Joy of
The Lord with us anytime

You will find a home if you come

1307 Columbus Ave, Bakersfield, CA  93305      661 873-8853     661  319-2616