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                                                 "The Call To Manhood"
                                               "Real Men Real Answers"

The alarm has been sounded , the Call has gone forth, it is time for the Men of this City to rally together and take back what belongs to Us!

Men, you will not want to miss this next meeting we will gather and worship the Lord our God and become encouraged through  the experiences lived by Charles. This will be a time when you will clearly see as men we have all things in common and face the common enemy. the dirt-guy aka devil has taken enough from our families and from us, it is time to bind ourselves in the common-ality of Christ and encourage one another. We have the power to keep him out of our homes , sometimes we just nee the reminders of how he has came in and what his footprints look like; then we can take back what he has taken from our homes. We are the Champions of Christ!

We are the ones with God; the dirt-guy is the one against God, so let's connect our commonality which is Jesus Christ and become the men He died for. Jesus prayed over each of us in John 17:20-22 prophesying  that we can be one, even as He and Jesus are one.

These and other thoughts will be on the table, also on that table will be the resolve of God; so come and be part of what God desires to accomplish with your life. 

Are you unsure about your place in the body of Christ, come and receive direction and hope.  

Founder Charles has been given a word for the men of this generation, a word that will  make stronger sons, fathers, and husbands a word that will make you a better employer or employee, a better help at the church which you attend and you will learn how to a man of your word

Strong Churches are the evidence of Strong Men and Strong Men make a difference in their  homes and their communities.

Strong Men's Founder, Charles Twist

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