Today's Thought

                                                                 Today If You Will

Today if you will believe, and diligently shut the doors of distraction, you will hear and see the things that I say to you with your eyes, and then you will desire more.  Keep these words before you day and night, do not allow them to be taken or hampered with, for they will build you up, and become your strength and hope.  Hear these things and know that I Am with you and not against you, and that My Spirit is with you and rests upon you, so that you can receive all that I say and see that I Am.  Today if you will diligently listen, you will see the things are, as I have spoken them to be, in this day and in your life.  Walk with Me and not in your chosen ways but in My ways, and then My Spirit will guide you into a greater understanding of truth.  Can we walk together unless we first agree?  Can you hear, unless you walk with Me?  Can you become, the things I say that you are, unless we first agree?  I Am and I am not changing, but you will, because it is My desire to restore you, to build you up and to give back to you the identity that was your from the beginning.  To know My ways, you must first see them and yet they are plain before you daily; you see them but do not understand them.  I call out to you, but you do not answer Me, I sing over you, but you do not hear, I watch over you during the night, and I speak with you during the day, but you do not give thanks; do you know that I Am?  My ways are plain, they are not complicated, My words is simple but they are complete, as they give life to the hearer, and are medicine to all who find them; but the blind do not see them for they seek that which they cannot see.  It is written “…unless you deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me, you are unworthy to be called My disciple…”, and yet you seek the meaning.  How can we walk together if you are constantly bringing into our conversations the questions of what, how, and when; are these not the triplets of despair,doubt, and unbelief, and birthed from mother of deception?

Posted Saturday March, 05, 2016             From     Sunday, June 14, 2015

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