The Lord would like an audience with YOU.

                                           Calling Together His Body to Hear

           1/10/15   Time for the Body of Christ to began to function a little better as one in lieu of “I have   been called”, we all have been called, but it sometimes appears as if it is not by the same “Lord”. The same Spirit, doesn’t mean we have the same spirit of intensity or ability to do, it means The Spirit of the Living God is in our midst to guide us into the same truth, we are to be one as Jesus and the Father are One!  I trust this will be the year that we see this by the same Spirit and utilize the spirit we have to become involved in allowing the Spirit of the Living God to remove all doubt as to His meaning. This one body begins in each of us, first we must lay a hold of the fact that God is and that HE will have a “Bride”, not multiples as some think. The scripture says specifically that He will come and take her away, not them. Began within and see what keeps your spirit separated from subduing your flesh and keeping you thoughts in alignment with God’s words and way’s! When we as individuals stop being offended by the words and actions of others, we will be taking charge of what our lives according to God’s word instead of our thoughts. If He bore all our offenses, that would be past present, and future, then I need to work on by acceptance of His words and allow His Spirit to rule in my spirit so that I remain committed to His ways...

  • 11/16/12   There is a calling to people to come together, like the gentleness of a morning                 breeze as the Lord of Hosts quietly and  gently is drawing out those who would                 have a hearts to serve wholeheartedly. Today is not the hour of looking over your                 shoulder but a time of lifting of your hands to the Lord and confessing His glory in                 Worship for He is your strength and your refuge and the Deliverer of your soul. The                 days of stress will increase and the glory of His peace shall overflow and flood the                 souls of those who believe; will you believe that I am Now?      Pastor Charles

This morning as I was listening and sensing your presence I began to realize, it is You and then I understood why my thoughts were being captured in the sounds of the lost crying out for help. I can see now how this is so important to You that You would offer Your Son for for the sake of one of Your created children. I want to help so I surrender my needs for your needs and my time for the time to touch others. Here I am Lord

The Lord of the Harvest is calling you into His fields and can you afford to pray about it? He after all is Lord and Sovereign in the heavens and the earth so His choice of choosing you is again His call not yours. I see the church growing into a vibrant part of the city, not in the manner of inter action and joint efforts but in the manner of protection as the God who rules the heavens and the earth has appointed His people to be the link between the lost and Him. If that link is damaged by the works of evil, the city will suffer a great loss; for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and without it there is bondage and shame. You are that link whereever you are God has chosen you to make up the hedge and this is about to be revealed as the body stands against evil and stands up for righteousness. Your words will save the lost and heal the sick but they will also protect the city and this city shall see that God's chosen ones are their protection. Open your eyes the fields are white and they are calling out to be saved! The time of the lawlessness has passed from this city.

I sense the Lord saying where were you when I called to you?

The Lord is raising the level of communication and it is with you! I see the Lord making a all out attempt to communicate with His children, something I have not witnessed before. He is not desperate but He is intense in His efforts, it is as though He is pleading with the hearts of men and women to respond in a manner that would show that you can hear. Everyday we are being drawn closer to the day of His return and by His will it is His desire that none should perish or be lost; but without hearts willing to reach out how will they know. All around us people are perishing daily, people are giving in to the frustrations of life; but God has established His love in you! It is written "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10:17) and "how shall they hear without a preacher."

I see the fields and I see them white, ready for the harvest, I have the favor to reach these people, I just need the support to go! It doesn’t matter if it is here in our neighborhood, or to some reservation out there somewhere, we need the support to do the will of the Father. It is written the "...bring the "whole tithe" into the store house so that there may be food in My house..." There are opportunities that we can not meet simply because we lack the resources. The field is truly white to harvest and the workers are few and I am praying for you to enter the field with me through what ever effort that you can make, the Lord of the Harvest knows your circumstances just as He knows mine. Together we can accomplish this,. Together we can bring in His harvest and fill His storehouse with food, both spiritual and physical .

Pastor Charles