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SMN Flier 4-28-2017

Next Event: April 28, 2017  Vanguard Christian Church 1701 Niles St. Pastor Dennie
                     Event Focus: "Call To Manhood" founder, Charles Twist is speaker
                                          Worship with Pastor Dennie

                     Sponsors: SMN, Restoration Word Fellowship, Word of Life Worship Center,
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                                        Living Word Harvest, Hope Christian Center, Life
                   Foursquare Church, Ridgecrest CA.,

The men of Kern County are having the opportunity to gather and grow together in wisdom and Insight as the various churches have embraced the teaching and challenges given by the SMN founder, Charles Twist who spent eight years in and under the teachings of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, Christian Men’s Network, founder, truly one of the founders of men’s ministry. Through Dr. Coles influence and the word that he has been given to exhort the men of this generation   Charles, a former National Judo champion speaks from building champions and being committed to keep the faith for there will be a day of rewards for all those who press forward and do not weary in the good things God has commanded us to do. “God will not do for you, what He expects you to do for yourself” “God will not ask you to do what He will not finish” “The improbable will become the normal if you will believe” God is calling the men of this generation to change so this generation can make a difference that will last.

No champion ever won anything meaningful without overcoming adversities, in the motor sports, a driver must overcome fatigue, bad choices, the machine he drives and all its parts; along with the decisions others make, which creates unreal conditions at times. The winner of the race is a man who has faced and overcome the circumstances he was placed in for that day.

Men this is the daily life we live, except we have all the tools to overcome everything we face and see, even the unseen cannot hold us back.

The Strong Men's Network is about men,  their struggles and their victories, and if you will come, you will become the answer to someone who is struggling  or be able to celebrate a victory with another brother and either way we all will all grow stronger together.

Looking forward to seeing you this month.     Charles, founder of the SMN



Every morning becomes one more opportunity to overcome the issues of today but first we must face our own issues. Confession is such a powerful place because it puts us in a place of admission of where we are while we confess to the One who is going to see us out of it all.

Missing these opportunities too often leaves us in places and doing things that are not productive abd too often turn distructive as we are unable to shake loose from the past missed opportunities.

The Father has a unique way of guiding us around until we face again that same missed opportunity with gained insight for a better decision. I can reflect on my past experiences in the Martial Art of Judo, while trying to win a national championship, only to find myself at another opportunity, again and again until i resolved the techniques needed to overcome. It was about learning how to make decisive decision and not look back except to make better one.

We will be looking at how to make better decesions based on God's principles and not our own.

            "God's perspective of who you are is greater than your perspective of who you are"

Strong Men’s Network 

“Failure to Prepare is Preparing for Failure” Coach Wooden 

The Strong Men's Network is establishing connections with men from every walk of life
and they are gathering for one purpose, to become the men God created them to be through encouragement and inner action with each other. How can a man become a
father if he has not first learned how to be a son? 

Are you standing next to your Pastor?  Can your Pastor depend on you being there when he is up against the wall?  Have you accepted your role in your church? 

These and other thoughts will be on the table for you to assess; so come and be part of what God desires to do with your life. 

Unsure about your place in the body of Christ, come and receive direction and hope. 

If you plan today, you will be able to attend on that night!  February 28,2014 at 7pm, bring your men’s group and be refreshed! 2301 White Ln at Christ Cathedral & Pastor Max

Pastor Charles has a word for the men of this generation, a word to make stronger sons and fathers a word that will make you a better husband and friend, employer or employee a better brother at the church where you attend, a man who can stand in adversity and protect his family.